Jenny’s Nutritional Therapy Services

Achieving optimal health is a personal and transformative journey, and I am eager to guide you along the way. My approach is rooted in the understanding that each woman is unique, and requires a personalized strategy to unlock her full health and wellness potential. Through cutting-edge functional testing, my curated nutritional packages, and the RESTART® Program, I can empower you to make informed choices, cultivate lasting habits, and build a foundation for your lifelong well-being.

What Is Nutritional Therapy?

Nutritional therapy is a vital aspect of holistic health care, focusing on the use of nutrient dense foods as a primary source to enhance overall health and wellbeing. By analyzing and adjusting individual diets, nutritional therapy can help in rectifying nutritional imbalances and deficiencies that contribute to chronic health issues. This approach is rooted in the understanding that different bodies have unique nutritional needs, and that proper nutrition offers many health benefits. A lifestyle of proper eating also fosters mental well-being. A personalized, supportive approach can help with existing health needs, and helps one put into place preventive measures that promote long-term health and wellness.

Functional Testing for Personalized Insights

Unlock the potential of your health journey with comprehensive functional testing services. I believe in a personalized approach to nutrition, and the right functional tests can provide valuable insights into the unique needs of your body. From hormonal imbalances to nutrient deficiencies, testing will allow us to tailor a nutrition plan that addresses your specific challenges.

Nutrition Coaching for Lasting Change

Support your optimal health with nutritional therapy tailored just for you. I will work closely with you to develop a whole food, nutrient dense nutrition plan that aligns with your goals, preferences, and your lifestyle. Whether you’re looking to manage weight, improve energy levels, or you want to address specific health concerns, I will make sure you receive the support and guidance needed for lasting change. My nutrition packages include personalized nutrition lifestyle and supplementation education and empowerment, and ongoing support and accountability.

RESTART® Program

The RESTART® Program spans five weeks and ingeniously blends nutritional learning, a detox from processed foods, and a supportive environment. This healthy trifecta offers you a transformative experience. It’s a straightforward yet impactful approach to letting your body take a break from sugar and processed foods. Central to the program is a three-week sugar detox, emphasizing the use of REAL FOOD to enhance your energy levels, minimize inflammation, and eliminate cravings for sugar and carbohydrates. Experience the remarkable difference in how you feel!

Ready to Get Started?

Make a priceless investment in your health and well-being with my certified nutritional therapy services. When you’re seeking a lifestyle change for better health, I will personally work with you through functional testing and outline nutritional packages planned specifically for you. Contact me today and let’s begin your personalized nutrition journey!